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AECP continually pursues and develops innovative, best practice operational, financial, and provider productivity management tools and reporting. The information provided is produced by the practicing professionals from AECP.

A Unique Perspective and Approach to Practice Productivities Performance Analytics and Leadership Decision-Making

Since the dawn of the medical group practice, physician leaders and practice administrators have leaned on financial accounting data for most strategically and managerially important practice performance decisions. The reason why is unassailable; business success is quantified in terms of dollars and cents. The main challenge of relying on accounting data alone for critical decision-making is the conventions and logic of financial accounting and reporting, while useful and required, are not always sufficient. The reason is accounting conventions and reporting can leave a knowledge gulf between results and rational decision-making. Managerial decisions based upon financial accounting results alone require interpretation, interpolation, judgment, and wide tolerances for decision risk.

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Ocular Eye Trauma

A short video for primary care providers on the topic of ocular trauma.

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Ocular Foreign Bodies

A short video for primary care providers on the management of ocular foreign bodies.

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What A Pandemic Teaches Eye Practice Leaders and Administrators

The effects of the COVID-19 revealed vulnerabilities with the structures and business models of independent medical practices. This issue of Focal Point provides a summary examination.

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CulturePulse™ Application in a Comprehensive Vision Care Clinic

The leadership culture of organizations drives performance. A comprehensive eye care practice evaluates it’s leadership culture annually. This AECP Case Study demonstrates the application of results.

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Effectively Connecting Organizational Culture and Patient Experience

Culture in organizations is manageable and can be led with intention. Culture is the leaders’ choice.

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Internal Data Analytics as a Foundation of a Strategic Plan

This learning module discusses important data points for tracking the performance of a practice.

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Example of an Employee On-Boarding Video Produced by AECP

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The AECP 10 Step Approach to Problem Solving

This training module aims to equip senior leadership and management positions with a useful and practical approach to problem solving.

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The Basics of Management

This learning module discusses basic management concepts and strategies.

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12 Behaviors for Cultural Success

This learning module discusses the dozen most helpful behaviors of leaders who seek a high-performing, healthy organizational culture.

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How to Make Decisions as a Method to Enhance Leaders' Effectiveness While Strengthening Organizational Culture

This learning module

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Why The Sale Of A Medical Practice Will Often Transform Physician "Engagement" Into Physician "Involvement."

A discussion on how the sale of a practice can change the way physicians view and perform their roles in an organization.

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Example of a Flash Performance Report: Clinical & Surgical

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Framework to Gauge Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is receiving increasing attention within the profession. The incidence and prevalence appear to be increasing within and across clinical specialties and types of practices. An underlying framework remains largely unattended and unexplained, leaving physician leaders lacking a sound theoretical framework from which they may observe, examine, analyze and approach the problem. Published with the permission of the Physician Leadership Journal.

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